Ghostbuster Slot Features

Ghostbusters Slots Bonus Rounds Bonus Rounds and Jackpots Ghostbusters Slots has 3 bonus rounds and 5 Progressive Jackpots.Click Here to find out more about the Paranormal Bonuses on offer.
Ghostbusters Slots Multipliers and Wilds Multipliers and Wilds Ghostbuster Slots feature the widest and most entertaining range of win multipliers and wilds.Click Here for more.

Ghostbuster Slots

Ghostbuster Slots is a dedication and information site put together to share enjoyment of Ghostbusters Slots found both at Online and Land Based Casinos.Ghostbusters is an IGT Slot game.

Ghostbusters is an interactive experience with players choosing bonus features for different game rewards. It is the most interactive and entertaining slot game we have ever played either online or off. The land based slot game experience is awesome.

We first played Ghostbuster Slots in land based casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, mostly at the Bellagio Casino and Aria Casino. We quickly noted that it was the most popular game in town. Game Seats did not remain empty long at Casinos.

Ghostbusters Slots Features

Ghostbusters game variety and graphics in the Bonus Rounds is the best of any slot game we have played.The Stay Puft Bonus Round has to be experienced to be believed. Ghostbusters Slots made the move Online for which we have provided a review and slot game strategy .

Ghostbusters Slots Wagering

One tactic we used to good effect playing Ghostbusters at Land Based Casinos was making sure we bet the greatest amount. By betting the maximum on the slot game it allows players the ability to take full advantage of the Ghostbuster Bonus rounds.

That is where the money is and having the ability to choose all the bonus options adds richly to game balances.

Ghostbusters Slots is a total interactive experience from zapping Slimer at the start of game play to Hitting Sticky Wilds in the Stay Puft Bonus round.Followers of the Paranormal no longer have to fly to Las Vegas to play the Ghostbusters Slot game.

The Ghostbusters slot game also features the soundtrack and imagery from the original Ghostbusters movie as well as supporting Ghoulish cast members. Enjoy splattering Slimer and Co all over the place with the assorted Ghostbuster Team weapons.